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SP 101 & SP203-1 - BAFE

BAFE Scheme SP101 Incorporating ST104

BAFE Scheme SP101 what does it mean? Well to give it its full title take a look below:

The British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE)

Part One: Specification for the application of BS EN ISO 9001:2015 to the contract maintenance of portable fire extinguishers,
Part Two: Incorporating fire extinguisher service technician scheme,
Part Three: Terms & Conditions.

So what is the BAFE Scheme SP101 Incorporating ST104?

It's a scheme which has been set up by BAFE to ensure that companies involved in the maintenance of portable fire extinguishers are competent and able to complete the work to a recognised standard.

The standard is principally based on ISO 9001:2015, but has been specifically tailored to ensure that the staff involved in the maintenance of fire extinguishers conduct their work according to requirements and in a due diligent manner. The standard ensures that staff and the company are continually assessed which means that the end customer can be assured the work has been undertaken to a professional and recognised standard.

How can I join the BAFE Scheme SP101?

To join the scheme you need to formally apply to Independent European Certification Limited for ISO 9001:2015 certification which includes the BAFE SP101 requirements (See our application page on this website) and then follow the 9 steps below:
Step 1 Application received and processed by Independent European Certification Limited, quotation raised
Step 2 Acceptance of quotation by Fire Company
Step 3 Assessment conducted at your premises / site
Step 4 Assessment completed or re-assessment as required
Step 5 Successful Independent European Certification Limited assessment and certification issued
Step 6 Apply to BAFE in writing for BAFE SP101 certification
Step 7 BAFE contact Independent European certification Limited to ensure you have the correct certification
Step 8 BAFE issues a certificate and you are entered onto the BAFE SP101 listing
Step 9 Independent European Certification Limited provides ongoing annual surveillance assessments.

Where can I find the BAFE SP101 Standard?
Copies of the BAFE SP101 scheme can be downloaded directly from the BAFE web site from the "BAFE Adopted Schemes" page:
BAFE website:

Further information about BAFE Scheme SP203-1?
To find further information about the BAFE scheme SP203 please visit the BAFE website
BAFE website:

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